XCEL-EDGE Edge Band Chemicals

NEW! US-made chemicals specifically formulated for hot melt edge banding applications. Available in 1 liter, 5 gallon and 55 gallon containers. Three exciting products: all-purpose cleaning agent; separating agent; and perfect-touch finishing agent.


XCEL-EDGE XE1 All-Purpose Cleaning Agent | Versatile cleaner for non-porous surfaces. Ideal to prepare laminated panels by removing fingerprints, light oils, light glue residue, and saw dust. Helps remove streaks and smudges. Use it for other surface cleaning, too. Great on countertops and work areas. Dries quickly and cleanly in use.

XCEL-EDGE XE2 Glue Separating Agent | Fast-acting agent prevents and removes unwanted hot glue adhesion from laminated panels. Spray it on the tops and bottoms of laminated panel surfaces to help reduce glue residue. Wipe on later by cloth to remove excess glue and spatter from panels and machine surfaces. Very useful and versatile, compatible with most hot glue spray systems. Dries quickly and cleanly.

XCEL-EDGE XE3 Anti-Static Agent | Fast-acting agent prevents static cling of banding chips and sawdust on panels in production. An ideal complement to an inline bander with a spray system. Also works as a general cleaning solution for shop use. Dries quickly and cleanly.

XCEL-EDGE XE4 Finishing Agent | Great final cleaner for non-porous surfaces. Helps to remove previous washes or wipes from other chemical agents. With machine spray systems, it aids in cooling the glued tape and joint while helping to give the final trimmed and buffed edge banding renewed shine. Helps to remove streaks and smudges as well as light glue residue when wiped on by cloth. Dries quickly and cleanly in use. AVAILABLE IN CONVENIENT 250-COUNT WIPES!

XCEL-EDGE XE5 Machine Cleaning Wipes | The less grease, grime, and dust on your shop's machines, the less chance of it ending up on your finished products. XE5 is great for loosening and removing EVA glue splatter from your edge banding machines or removing heat-trapping dust and grime build-up on spindles and drives. You paid good money for precision equipment, why not help maintain its value with a bit of fast, easy maintenance? Comes in a flip-top canister with 250 wipes. Dries quickly and cleanly in use.